Make the most of your gaming console! Call 1-866-593-4777 for technical help and support.

Enjoy playing games on Microsoft XBOX, Sony PlayStation and more, without any compatibility issues or network problems. At Aegis Support, we provide expert computer game support and service to optimize the speed and performance of your gaming console.

Our expert technicians are well versed with all technical issues related to various gaming consoles and can provide comprehensive assistance to help install, optimize, and tune your gaming console as well as diagnose all online game access issues and Internet/LAN network problems for the uninterrupted gaming experience.

Scope of service

Our expert tech support for Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBOX, and Pogo include:

Installation and setting up of gaming console

We can help install and setup your favorite gaming console with quite ease and precision. We can also help customize its settings and download content on your device for seamless gaming experience. Our experts can take you through the process of using Sony PlayStation/XBOX controllers so that you can easily use your gaming device without any technical glitch.

Fix compatibility issues and browser related problems

Is your game freezing while playing or are you getting miscellaneous errors while using your console? Worry not; we are here to help. Experts at Aegis Support can help you diagnose and troubleshoot all issues and error messages that might be hampering your gaming performance. This includes browser related issues, impromptu console shutdowns, Internet connectivity problems, compatibility issues, slow speed and freezing issues.

Resolve security threats

Your gaming consoles are as susceptible to phishing and cyber attacks as your computer and other devices. By securing your home network and Internet router, we help secure your gaming sessions. In addition to this, our security experts can also install comprehensive Internet security software suite and firewall programs on your computer for unwavering levels of protection.

Anytime, anywhere support for your gaming console

With Aegis Support by your side, you get to enjoy:

  • Comprehensive tech support, 24X7
  • Unlimited tech support sessions at one flat rate
  • Instant resolution of all tech issues
  • No waiting and zero downtime
  • Complete peace of mind

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