Unable to send/receive emails? Call 1-866-593-4777 for instant support and assistance.

Don’t let communication errors stop you from staying in touch with your loved ones. Get round the clock assistance from Aegis Support specialists and go ahead and make the most of technology.

Whether you are facing issues while opening your webmail client, while sending across important emails, or while customizing the settings of your messenger, we can help. Our certified team of experts provides instant tech support for all popular webmail systems and email clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

We can help you quickly recover important emails, reset passwords, tailor mailbox settings, as well as diagnose and fix all issues related to your email client to enable superior work efficiency, without compromising on data security and confidentiality.

Scope of service

Our expert email support service includes:

Set up and installation of email

We can help you easily install and setup the web-mail client of your choice. We can also create your contacts, calendars, and reminders and sync them for instant alerts and notifications. Our experts can provide you handy tips and email shortcuts to make your life easier.

Customization of mailbox settings

Our expert technicians can tailor your email account as per your needs – from prioritizing and organizing incoming messages to translating outbound messages into other languages. They can also help you build custom rules and alerts, create digital email signatures, generate out of office reply, and choose notifications you want to receive.

Diagnosis and removal of mailbox errors

From fixing connectivity issues to troubleshooting configuration problems and more, we can diagnose and resolve all technical glitches with your email client that are stopping you from staying connected with your friends and family.

Removal of virus and malware

Our experts can also help improve your adaptability to email-borne threats. By deploying best-in-class security protocols, we detect and remove all virus-borne emails, filter out junk and spam messages, and minimize the impact of online threats on your data and system security.   

Hassle-free tech support assistance

Call 1-866-593-4777 and get comprehensive support for all your email related issues. We ensure:

  • Instant access to thousands of certified technicians
  • Live support, 24X7
  • Guaranteed resolution of all email related issues
  • Comprehensive support for all brands, devices, and webmail clients
  • Real time protection from virus, malware, and other email threats

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