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Have you bought a new laptop which you want to set up or has your old laptop broken down? For both the cases, you are likely to wonder, “Is there a reliable laptop technical support near me which I can bank on?”

Don’t worry; let our laptop repair experts take charge of resolving your laptop-related issues. They have been doing this for years to help clients like you and are available to service your laptop as well. All you need to do is ring us on the number to reach out to us and schedule an appointment with one of our certified laptop repair technicians.

Why laptops develop issues over time

Unlike computers, laptops have a lower shelf-life because they operate on batteries. While portability is a major factor which prompts several users to go for laptops instead of desktops, the fact remains that it is a delicate device that needs special care and servicing from time to time.

laptop repair experts near me

No matter how carefully you handle a laptop, it will break down at some point in time. Unfortunately, laptops are tailor-made to act in that way. Laptops are just like other electronic devices or appliances that start showing the signs of wear and tear after a certain number of uses.

When a laptop starts showing signs of deviation from its normal manner of functioning, there can be several underlying causes behind it. It can happen either due to a hardware issue or software issue. A proper diagnosis is necessary to establish the exact cause and then it becomes easier to fix the issue.

Regardless of the reason behind the malfunctioning of a laptop, at Aegis Support, we have the best pool of laptop repair technicians to assist our clients in dealing with both hardware and software issues related to laptops.

Our Laptop Repair Services

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading names in offering support services linked to laptops and other peripheral devices. We provide following laptop repair services to our clients:

Installation and upgrading of the operating system

Laptop repair and support servicesOur laptop repair technicians are well versed in the installation of all versions of the Windows operating system on laptops. Further, they can also lend a helping hand in upgrading to a higher version of Windows OS.

The configuration of laptop settings

We can help you in changing the system preferences, the appearance of icons, display settings and other settings of your laptop based on your requirements and in the way you want. To make certain that your laptop does not slow down, our laptop repair experts can also help free up some space in the hard disk of your laptop.

Peripheral set up

Are you looking for ways to set up smartphones, printers, cameras and other peripheral devices in a way that they work in tandem with your laptop? Our laptop repair team can help you accomplish this task in an effortless manner.

Removal of spyware, viruses and other potentially unwanted programs

Just as the human body needs to stay clear of various kinds of diseases, a laptop needs to be free from viruses and other potentially harmful software or programs to deliver desirable results with its performance in the long run. Has your laptop slowed down or does it remain stuck on the same screen for a few seconds or minutes? Have it checked by our technicians to find out if one of these potentially harmful programs is causing it.