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What slows up a computer at the initial stages and makes it a challenging task to deal with it later? There is no single answer to this question but a plethora of things that answer it: fragmented disk space, errors in the registry of the machine, junk files, unnecessary applications, and the list goes on and on.

Yes, that’s true. If you own a computer which used to function perfectly well but has slowed down over time, one or more factors out of the list of the above-mentioned factors could be the culprit. Solution? Of course, you need to optimize slow computer.

How can you single out that one notorious factor which is responsible for the slow and sluggish performance of your PC? The solution lies in diagnosing the actual cause out of all the possible causes. The expert technicians at Aegis Support can optimize your slow computer with panache. On your part, you can speed up PC through these services.

Computer Optimization Services We Provide

When it comes to the regular maintenance of personal computers, the services we provide include the following:

Removal of unnecessary and unwanted files and folders:

Optimize Your Slow PCThe presence of unnecessary files and folders is one of the leading causes of slowing down of computers. These stubborn files and folders sit in the hard disk drive of a computer and consume the memory space of both Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). Our expert technicians can help you get rid of these junk stuff to put the functioning of your computer back on track.

Restricting the excessive volume of start-up programs:

Have you been using your computer for a long time? If yes, chances are it may have piled up programs that are potentially unwanted or not necessary. Yet, without your knowledge, these programs not only start in the background on their own but also sit there and consume the RAM space of your machine. Let our staff members remove these applications to improve the efficiency of your PC by means of our computer tune up services.

Installation of driver updates and the updates of other software applications:

Drivers are the software that regulates the operations of the hardware components of computers. For the smooth performance of computers, it is of paramount importance to update these pieces of software from time to time. The same holds true for other software applications. Not sure how to do it the right way? No worries. Our technicians can do both to keep your computer up and running.


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No matter wherever you are or the time at which you feel the need for tech support services, you will find our technicians at your disposal. They are committed to providing you with the best support services that your special machine deserves. Here’s what you can expect at a glance:

  • Instant tech support, irrespective of the number of times you reach out to us
  • Reliable PC tuneup support by our talented pool of technicians
  • A comprehensive package of services for both hardware and software support
  • Instant resolution for various technical issues
  • Services based on through diagnosis and troubleshooting in line with the diagnosis report

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