Take the guess work out of your wireless home network. Call Aegis Support at 1-866-593-4777 for expert help!

An unsecure home network connection can leave you prone to virus and malware. Ensure the safety and security of your computer network with our comprehensive wireless network support services.

Our certified and trained networking experts can help install a wireless network on your computer, configure your router and adapter, create a home network to share devices, as well as secure your home network to prevent any possible attacks. We can also customize the settings of your Internet connection as per your needs and sort out all your wireless network problems to take the worry out of your digital life.

Scope of service

Our experts can provide you exceptional support for all your home networking needs. They can help you:

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Setup a wireless home network

We can help install a router, ensure proper Wi-Fi setup, and configure its settings to create a home network for seamless access to Internet, printer, and router across all devices in your home.

Connect to the Internet

From helping you access the Internet to customizing the settings of your browser, our expert technicians provide fast and reliable home network support to ensure you always stay connected.

Secure your network connection

By securing your Internet connection using firewall and other security settings, our technicians block unauthorized access to your PCs, servers, end computing devices so that you can browse the web with confidence.

Troubleshoot all network connectivity issues

Our experts can fix network connection issues, solve driver installation problems, as well as troubleshoot all potential error messages that might be affecting your work and productivity. 

Unmatched tech support, available 24X7

We strive to provide you the best tech support experience. Call us at 1-866-593-4777 to enjoy:

  • Unlimited tech support sessions
  • Round the clock support and assistance
  • Guaranteed resolution of all tech issues
  • Unmatched prices and plans
  • Complete data and network security