Never lose an important file again with our expert data recovery services. Call 1-866-593-4777 for instant support.

The data in your PC is vulnerable to theft, loss, and infection. We can keep it fully secured and completely retrievable.

Our expert technicians can provide comprehensive tech support to help you recover your lost or deleted files, folders, photos, videos, and documents from your hard disk, memory card, USB drive, mobile phone and more. We use the most recent and updated software tools to help recover your lost data and provide support for storing your data at a secure location to avoid further destruction.

Scope of service

Our spectrum of data recovery support and services includes:

Recovery of lost data

Our experts can help you recover all the files and folders that got lost either due to improper shut down of your system, damaged hard disk, system crash, or a malware infection. We can also assist you in providing expert recovery solutions for data lost due to inaccessible disk drive or partitions.  We can also install the latest data recovery software on your computer to prevent loss of data in future.

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Diagnosing and repairing the cause of data loss

There could be many issues with your computer that lead to loss of your precious data. These include hardware crash, system malfunction, software corruption, virus infection and more. We help diagnose and troubleshoot all these causes to minimize the risk of data loss.

Fixing issues and errors leading to data loss

Various system issues and errors, like Blue Screen error, also lead to loss of important files and folders. Our experts run various diagnostic tests to identify the cause of such errors and fix them for instant resolution of problems. We also implement the best security protocols to prevent loss of your critical data due to virus and spyware infection.

Backing up of important files and folders

Apart from identifying and recovering your lost files, we also provide expert data encryption and online data backup service to ensure comprehensive protection of your important files and folders. Our experts set up automatic backup services to ensure regular backup of your data without any manual intervention.

 Comprehensive resolution of all tech issues, guaranteed!

Call us at 1-866-593-4777 to enjoy instant recovery of your lost files and folders. We provide:

  • Unlimited tech support sessions, 24X7
  • Easy data recovery solutions, at one flat rate
  • Comprehensive support for all digital devices and technologies
  • Real time protection from virus, malware, and other online threats
  • Complete data backup and protection